Class of 1960

Stoneleigh West CS Technical Stream of 1959-1963


These web pages are dedicated to the Stoneleigh West CS School Technical Stream of 1959-1963.

We had passed our 13+ examination and came together in Form T3 in 1959 to start a 4-year course to prepare us to take our Ordinary Level GCEs in mostly technical subjects.

The pictures on this web site were taken by Brian Wood when we were in T2 during the school year of 1960-61.  I hope to add some more pictures sometime, so come back soon.   Start at the top of the list and go through in order or jump in where you like

I apologise if I get any names wrong.  It's been a long time since I last met these people!!
Please send me an email with corrections.

Gary Kenny, David Abel & Richard Cooter
David Colmer, Roger Holloway & Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey Williams
Group 1
Mr Ray
Group 2
John Roberts
Jeffrey Williams
Timothy Marsh
Alan Fuller
Geoffrey Lee
John Bright
John Roberts
Baudwin Bylaveld
Brian Wood
Geoffrey Lee, John Roberts, Baudwin Bylaveld
David Abel
Roger Holloway, Eric Watson, Keith Bold
Group 3
Jeffrey Williams & John Bright
Richard Cooter & John Roberts
Mr Hall
Group 4
Baudwin Bylaveld, John Roberts, Geoffery Lee
Baudwin Bylaveld, John Roberts, Brian Wood, Geoffery Lee
John Roberts & Mr Griffiths
John Haynes, Clive Sweet & George de Felice
John Bright
Jeffrey Williams
Howard Clements
Ian Putley
Colin Allinson
Eric Watson & Howard Clements
John Roberts
Eric Watson
Colin Allinson
Roger Pengelly & Richard Cooter
John Bright
Brian Wood
Keith Adamson
Brian Wood
Tina Hartman & John Haynes

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